• Super Light Weight Titanium Performance Exhausts

  • The Free flowing design of our Titanium Exhaust systems improves power, torque and response over the factory fitted exhaust. Titanium being lighter than steel gives your car a better power to weight ratio helping to improve straight line performance and cornering ability. Titanium is stronger than steel but lighter so we are able to build an exhaust that takes abuse better than its steel counterparts but with significant weight savings over your typical factory fitted and aftermarket steel exhaust systems. Titanium is highly resistant to corrosion, unlike stainless steel exhaust units which may rust or decay over a period of time so long life is guaranteed.

Lightweight Titanium Exhausts

Client Testimonials

What a great service – Fast Delivery and fitted straight on with no problems. Ultra light weight and came with everything I needed and looks great.

Titanium Exhaust Subaru WRX
Have been looking for a performance titanium exhaust for my Mercedes for a while but they were too expensive. These ones are great value for money.

Titanium Exhaust Mercedes
I wanted a Titanium Exhaust for my Lotus to cut down some weight. This done the job perfectly and have also seen an increase in the power.

Titanium Exhaust Lotus
I had seen Titanium Exhausts on other cars and always fancied getting one. I was really surprised at the price here and it was delivered in no time.

Titanium Exhaust BMW

New Product – BMW 1M titanium exhaust

Another new product for this month is this beautiful titanium exhaust for the BMW 1M, more details can be found in the online shop here http://lightweightperformancetitaniumexhausts.co.uk/4-2?slug=index.php&cPath=24_52_125

New Product – R34 GTR cat back exhaust

Another great new product this month, full titanium exhaust for the Nissan Skyline R34 GTR. Made  from titanium this exhaust is super lightweight with significant weight savings  over your standard exhaust or aftermarket stainless steel version. Weighing in  at 7kg there is a huge saving over the standard or stainless steel aftermarket  exhausts. Bore size is 3.5″ with a 4.5″ tailpipe, twin box in design to keep the  noise levels down, this is also available in single box format to for those who  want it loud. More details and prices available here http://lightweightperformancetitaniumexhausts.co.uk/4-2?slug=product_info.php&cPath=24_91_123&products_id=154


New Product – R35 GTR Silenced Titanium Y-Pipe

Now available from Ti Exhausts is this silenced Y-Pipe for the Nissan R35 GTR. Made from titanium so super lightweight compared with the normal steel versions. When removing the standard catted y-pipe noise levels increase so this has a silencer fitted to keep them at a sensible level. More details and pricing can be found here

New Product – Nissan R32 GTR 3.5″ Titanium Exhaust

Brand new out this week, this is the latest product in the range of titanium exhausts available from Ti Exhausts. Made to fit the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR this exhaust weighs in at a super lightweight of 7kg, this is a 3.5″ twin box design which makes the weight even more outstanding. You can see more details and pricing on this product in the shop here

New Product – 4″ Toyota Supra Titanium Exhaust

Available from today, the new 4″ titanium exhaust for the Toyota Supra JZA80. Made from super lightweight titanium these are as light as a feather, this single box version weighing in at only 6kg. They not only look good with there beautiful burnt tip apperance but also increase performance from the engine and by giving you a better power to weight ratio over a stainless steel exhaust. This particular version has so far been proven to work on cars up to 1300bhp+. Optional extra adaptor flange is available so you can bolt the exhaust on to a 3″ 2 bolt flange type exhaust, please ask for price on this if required. More details and pricing can be found here in the shop.